Funds Raised

The/Nudge started four years ago with a purpose - to alleviate poverty, sustainably and scalably. We have impacted the lives of more than a million Indians across the country, through our direct and indirect work in skilling, education, healthcare etc. 

However, one in every four Indians is still living in poverty. About 20% of them live in extreme poverty, without the certainty of even two basic meals a day. The good news is that the rest of us - three out of four Indians - can help.

Last year, with a belief that together, we can end extreme poverty within our lifetime, we started a bold new initiative to nudge families out of extreme poverty, through a globally acclaimed and well researched “graduation model” and started implementing that in tribal communities in Jharkhand. Today, we are inviting you to join us in this initiative, through the launch of our new individual giving platform - we/can.

we/can is a call-out to every Indian to stand up against extreme poverty. Through we/can, any one of us can directly adopt a family in Jharkhand, and become a part of their journey out of extreme poverty.

Let's end extreme poverty, one family at a time. Together, we/can.